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 Reels are convenient for working actors because it offers self  promotion. Better than a resume or headshot. Reels allow casting to gain insight in a quick, simple way; an actor's advantage to display potential and versatility.


Reel Big Easy collects all footage for the client as soon as it airs on television or releases in theatres. We can pull anything off of a DVD too.​ Have an existing reel but would like to add new clips to it? RBE can accomodate.


A common misconception in this industry among actors is that you need a few clips before uploading any footage onto your actor profile pages. BUT just one is all you need to create exposure and promote your talent. ALOT of actors wait. DON'T. After you do collect more footage, as mentioned before, we can add clips onto the existing reel for a small fee. Even separate your footage into clips that are genre specific.


DISCLAIMER: All reels are a collaborative process with the client. Reel Big Easy offers professional advice, but the clients have executive order. 

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